Fully Customize Buttons in Gmail Notifications with AutoNotification

Download the new AutoNotification here!

2 weeks ago AutoNotification brought you the option to add a Mark As Read button to your Gmail notifications.

Now it’s taking it even further by allowing to fully customize the notifications. You can choose between 14 buttons and up to 5 at the same time!

3 Buttons or Less

If you select 3 buttons or less,  the notification will show them as text and it’ll look like this

autonotification 3 buttons

4 or 5 Buttons

If you select more than 3 buttons (up to 5) it’ll look like this! All the icons are different so you can easily distinguish them.

autonotification 5 buttons

Notification Grouping

Your notifications will now also be grouped by email account so it’s easier to manage your notifications.

autonotification grouping


Discuss this release in our G+ community.

Enjoy! 🙂