With Join you can trigger events in IFTTT. You can even pass in values so that you can trigger more complex stuff!

To send Join commands/notifications from IFTTT check out this example.


Getting Started

  • In the Join app for Android expand the navigation bar on the left and select Join On Other Systems.
  • Tap the IFTTT option and then Add To Your Devices.
  • Follow the instructions to add your IFTTT device.

You’re now ready to trigger events in IFTTT!

Simple Event Example: Toggle Light

  • On IFTTT create a new applet and click on the this link
  • Select the Webhooks service
  • Select the Receive a web request condition
  • Set Event Name to toggle_light
  • Click Create Trigger
  • click on the that link
  • Select the Philips Hue service
  • Select the Toggle lights on/off action
  • Select which lights to toggle
  • Click Create Action
  • Click Finish


This concludes the IFTTT part. Now let’s trigger this through Join:

  • Open the Join Android app, expand the navigation bar on the left and select Actions
  • Click the + button at the bottom to add a new action
  • Choose Custom
  • Set the Command Name to Lights
  • Set the Command to toggle_light (the same as the Event Name in IFTTT)
  • Set an appropriate icon like this (download it first to your phone so it doesn’t have to download it all the time).
  • Click on Select Devices
  • Select the IFTTT device
  • Click Done

If you’re on Android 7 or above you can now add this action as a Quick Setting!

Lights Quick Setting

If you’re on Android 7.1 or above you can long click the Join icon and call it from the Join App Shortcuts! You can even long click the shortcut and end up with a permanent shortcut!

Action App Shortcut  screenshot_2018_02_23_15_22_07

All done! Use the action to trigger it!

Event With Values: Creating a task in Todoist with your voice

To create a task you can’t simply tap an icon. You need to actually input the task’s text. Fortunately that’s very easy to do with Join!

  • On IFTTT create a new Applet with Webhooks this part and set the Event Name to new_task
  • In the that part select Todoist and select the Create task action
  • Set the Task content to {{Value1}}. You can use the Add Ingredient button to add this by selecting the Value1 option
  • Save the applet and you’re done!

In Join now create a corresponding action like in the first example but with key differences:

  • Set the Command Name to New Task
  • Set the Command to new_task (same as the event name in IFTTT)
  • Set the icon to the Todoist icon
  • Add a prompt with the text What’s the task? This will make sure that Join will ask you for the task’s text before creating it in IFTTT
  • Enable the Use Voice option so that you can say the task out loud instead of writing it

Now if you run this action Join will ask you for the task and then create it in Todoist via IFTTT! 🙂

Adding a task on Todoist with Join

You can add up to 3 prompts in Join so that you can use the 3 Value ingredients in IFTTT for whatever you like!