Fixed issue with contact picking.

Please follow these steps when you get the AutoContacts update:

  • import the pick contact intent from here again:
  • edit your Pick Contact AutoShare action and re-select the Pick contact action so that it updates with the new updated intent.
  • Make sure you’re using the newest AutoContacts version 1.1.9

It should work now I hope.


  • Added option to get contact’s phone number from phone number URI. You can get the phone number URI with the “Pick Contact” intent available here:


  • Added action to get contact picture
  • Added options to query AutoContacts by Phone Number and Email Address
  • Added option to only keep contacts with phone numbers (refresh required to apply)
  • %acnumber will now return the default phone number if one is set for that contact.
  • It will now match an exact nickname before matching other nicknames


  • Added option to return names in the nickname variable, if nickname is not set.
  • fixed some time calculations that were a bit off.

1.1.2b (Beta)

  • Added a way to manage your dates: you now have a “Manage Dates” screen where you can see what dates are and aren’t recognized by AutoContacts. You can also change the default date format. Please let me know how this works for you. Because my dates are all correctly recognized, it’s not very easy for me to test this feature.


  • Added new %aceventnext variable. It shows the full date for the first returned event with the current year (instead of showing the year when the event first happened)


  • AutoContacts is out of beta!
  • Limited number of contacts returned from AutoContacts Query to 50. If you were to get a very large number of contacts, Tasker would crash.
  • Some small bug fixes

1.0.12b (Beta)

  • Fixed bug where if you would leave the name or nickname field blank it would never return results.

1.0.11b (Beta)

  • Made the following change: now the main variables (like %acname, %acnumber, etc) are always the first one that exists. This means that  if the person with %acname doesn’t have a phone number, then %acnumber is not that person’s phone number. Example:
    • You have 2 people on your contact list named “John”  “John” number 1  doesn’t have a phone number while “John” number 2 does
    • You look for “John”
    • In %acname you get “John” (first one)
    • In %acnumber you get “John” 2’s number
  • %acnames(), %acnumbers(), etc still have everything in the right order, so %acnames(1) always corresponds to %acnumbers(1)

1.0.10b (Beta)

  • Several speed improvements
  • Added Timing logs. Now you can see how much time it takes AutoContacts to query and refresh your contacts

1.0.9b (Beta)

  • Bugfixes

1.0.7b (Beta)

  • new variables for contact: %achangouturi, %acvideohangouturi: use with the built-in Tasker “Browse URL” action to open the Hangouts app directly on a contact with chat or video chat. 🙂
  • new %acwebsite variable that contains the contact’s website
  • new variable for event: %aceventmonthname

1.0.6b (Beta)

  • Bug fixes

1.0.5b (Beta)

  • New option to refresh contacts before query. Can be useful if you want to make sure you always have the latest info every day for example.
  • New option to order by Next Event Date. Will only return contacts with Events.  Allows you to set a notification with the next event for example.
  • This new option also gives you access to some new variables (listed below).
  • These are all the current main variables. Check for others in Tasker:
    • %acid
    • %acname
    • %acnickname
    • %acnumber
    • %acnumbertype
    • %acemail
    • %acemailtype
    • %acaddress
    • %acevent
    • %aceventtype
    • %acdayssinceevent
    • %acmonthssinceevent
    • %acyearssinceevent
    • %acdayssinceeventc
    • %acmonthssinceeventc
    • %acyearssinceeventc
    • %acdaystoevent
    • %acmonthstoevent
    • %acyearstoevent
    • %acdaystoeventc
    • %acmonthstoeventc
    • %acyearstoeventc
    • %aceventday
    • %aceventmonth
    • %aceventyear
    • %aceventweekday
    • %aceventweekdayname
    • %aceventweekdayshortname
  • Now imports built-in Android nicknames when refreshing contacts

1.0.4b (Beta)

  • New major variables: %acid, %acaddress, %acevents, %aceventtypes
  • Added Id data for contacts
  • Added Event data for contacts (Birthdays, Anniversary, etc)
  • Added Address data for contacts
  • Added types arrays for various info (phones, emails and events)
  • Please check the names of the variables in Tasker itself in the Tasker variable list when you press the little tag icon
  • Fixed bug where nicknames would be erased after a refresh
  • Made querying for contacts quicker

1.0b (Beta)

  • Query contacts by name or nickname and get their phone numbers and email addresses
  • Major variables: %acnumber, %acemail