How do I cast an http video with AutoCast?

  • Add AutoCast tasker action
  • Select Full Screen Media under screen
  • Select Full Screen Media Elements
  • Select Video
  • Select video to play and input URL
  • Make sure Auto Play is selected
  • Run Task

Can I control Netflix playback with AutoCast?

Unfortunately no, you can’t do it directly with AutoCast. You can control playback with AutoShare intents though. Import the Play Key Down and Up intents then follow the tip by Joseph Yacker here.

How do I cast any web page with AutoCast?

  • Add AutoCast tasker action
  • Select Any Web Page
  • Select Any Web Page Elements
  • Select Video
  • Input URL of page to cast
  • Run Task

Be aware that not all pages will work. You can try with this one to start with, because this will work for sure: http://www.w3schools.com/

How do I cast my system audio like in the AutoCast Video?

To cast system Audio you need these things:
  • Your device needs to be rooted
  • You need to install the XPosed Framework (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1574401)
  • You need to get the BubbleUPNP app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bubblesoft.android.bubbleupnp) full version is needed for more then 10 minutes of audio.
  • This app will install an XPosed module that lets you intercept all system audio. Make sure to restart your phone after activating it.
  • In the BubbleUPNP app you need to activate Audio Cast in the Library tab and then go to the Now Playing tab and tap on the Android icon there. Take note of the .wav url there and use that URL in AutoCast in an audio element. BubbleUPNP should now cut off your system’s audio and cast it to AutoCast
  • If the step above doesn’t work directly ou need to select your chromecast in the “DEVICES” tab, start playing the stream by choosing “Audio Cast” in the Library tab, then go to the “NOW PLAYING” tab and use the stop button. Then you can use the stream in other places like AutoCast for example.

Why doesn’t AutoCast work with CheapCast?

CheapCast only works with the first Chromecast apps like YouTube, Netflix, Plex and a few others that were built with an old version of the Chromecast SDK. All the new apps won’t work with CheapCast. Sorry!

What video/audio formats does AutoCast support?

The same as the Chromecast 🙂 Check here.

Can I cast notifications over apps like Plex or YouTube?

No, unfortunately you cannot. You can only cast notifications over AutoCast screens, which means that if you want to watch a movie and get notifications, you need to be watching a movie through AutoCast.