Why is my AutoContacts Query action not returning any contacts?

  • This can be because of any number of factors, but to make sure AutoContacts itself is working do this:
    • Create a new Task
    • Add an AutoContacts action and in the Name or Nickname field write the name of a person you know is in your contact list
    • Add a popup action and in the Text field write %acnames()
  • If the above works then the error has to come from some other place and that can be any number of things. Try to add Tasker flash actions in the Task to make sure all the variables are correctly populated

How do I get the “Home” phone number, or a “Birthday” event (and not “Anniversary”) from someone?

Check here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+Jo%C3%A3oDias/posts/cbhBnbswpPs


How do I make AutoContacts prefer one contact over the other if 2 contacts share the same name?

AutoContacts matches first exact matches (like if you say “John Terry” and if you have a contact named exactly “John Terry” it will match that first) then contacts with nicknames, then all the other contacts. What you should do is give your preferred contact a nickname and it will be matched before the other contacts with no nickname.


How do I tell Tasker not to call a contact if one isn’t found?

In the “Call” action, check the “If” checkbox and set the condition “%acnumber is set”.


Why does my %achangouturi (Hangouts uri) variable not have a value?

You need to have Google+ contacts synchronization enabled for that variable to have a value. Enable it in the Google+ app’s settings. Go to Google+ -> Settings -> choose your account -> Contacts -> select “Keep contacts up to date”.