Natural Language And IFTTT

AutoVoice can trigger applets on IFTTT with natural language commands.

Full Tutorial

Tutorial available here.

How to get started

  • Go here and click “Settings”
  • Copy your Maker URL (something like
  • Open the AutoVoice Android app and paste the URL in Natural Language -> Setup Natural Language -> (Optional) IFTTT

After doing this your Natural Language voice commands will start triggering IFTTT Maker events!

IFTTT Maker Event Fields

  • IFTTT Event Name -> Natural Language Action
  • IFTTT value1 -> Natural Language command first variable
  • IFTTT value2 -> Natural Language command second variable
  • IFTTT value3 -> Natural Language command third variable

For example, if you trigger a natural language command with

  • Action: tweet
  • variable text: hello there

then the following IFTTT Maker event will trigger:

  • Event Name: tweet
  • value1: hello there

To do stuff with IFTTT Maker events use the Maker Receive a web request trigger.

Check here for a full example on how to use AutoVoice Natural Language commands with IFTTT.