Join works with Node-RED!

Node-RED is an automation platform much like Tasker, but it works on any PC, Mac or Linux computer! With Join integration you can remotely trigger it from anywhere or receive Join pushes from it at any time!

Ping Pong with Join and Node-RED
Ping Pong with Join and Node-RED: sent ping command from Chrome and Node-RED responded with a pong notification.

Example Use Cases

  • Trigger any flow in Node-RED remotely!
  • Remotely toggle lights
  • Control LG Web OS TV with your phone
  • Monitor web pages and receive notifications when there are updates
  • Check RSS feeds and receive Join pushes for new items
  • Use in conjunction with any of the thousands available types of nodes for super powers never seen before! 😀

Getting Started

  • Make sure you have at least version 12.13 of the node.js server installed. Join needs at least that to run.
  • Install Node-RED and get familiar with it. Check here.
  • Make sure you start the Node-RED Server and navigate to http://localhost:1880 to open the dashboard.
  • Install the Join node by going into your Node-RED, clicking menu on the top right -> Manage palette -> Install tab -> look for node-red-contrib-join-joaoapps and install it.
  • Drag & Drop the Join nodes on to the flow.
  • If you want to react to incoming messages use the join receive message node
  • If you want to send a push to one of your devices use the join message node

Receiving Pushes From Any Network

Because pushes will be sent using your computer’s direct IP this may not work every time because of your network conditions.

For example, if you’re away from home and want to send a message to a PC at home you would have to perform port forwarding on your router which may not be desirable.

The best way to get around this is by sending messages to a Join Chrome Extension or Windows 10 app on the same PC and then enabling Node-RED redirection in the settings.

Any pushes you send to Chrome or Windows 10 app will now be redirected to Node-RED, and will work from any network conditions! 🙂

More Info

Check out the complete user-guide by Not Enough TECH here.