3.0.8 (2023-05-23)

  • Fixed issue that was preventing MQTT from working

3.0.7 (2023-04-12)

  • Updated target API to 33. Let me know if something breaks.
  • Removed permission to access all files. Join will now ask for permission to access specific files if needed
  • Removed ability to install APKs remotely since Google now blocks that on Google Play Store apps that are not file browsers

3.0 (2021-06-17)

  • Join on the Web rebuilt from the ground up: works on Chrome, Edge, Firefox and other browsers
  • You can receive pushes directly on the website so no need to install an app if you don’t want to
  • Local Network is used for file transfer and other communications when available to speed things up considerably
  • Browse your Android device’s files directly on the website
  • Control your Android device’s music playback on the website
  • Desktop app is similar to Web app but since it’s installed it allows for further integration with global keyboard shortcuts, running direct command line commands, automatic clipboard sync on local network and more advanced notifications
  • Chrome extension also can interact with the Android app via local network now
  • Android app has new Tasker state that tells you if you’re on the same local network as your other devices. Useful for knowing if your PC is on for example.

2.4.0.beta (2020-10-12)

  • Fixed a few local-network related issues when working with the Join Desktop app

2.3.beta.4 (2020-06-18)

  • Join now works in Firefox and Edge! Check out the demo!
  • You can do anything you did before with Join and additionally browse files and control media playback remotely!

2.3.beta.3 (2020-05-21)

  • Every push, notification and file now goes through local network if possible (between Android<->Android and Android<->Chrome Extension). Demo of how quick it works now here.
  • Tasker “Local Network” state and event. Demo here.
  • Share menu shows local network icon like this
  • Progress notification for local network transfers
  • Tasker Send Push action has new notification specific values

2.3.beta (2020-04-23)

  • Join now allows for local network file transfer between devices on the same network. Read all about it here!
  • The Chrome extension now has a new Favorite Right-Click Commands option where you can set which commands appear as your top-level Join commands when you right-click a page or page element like this.

2.2 (2019-11-20)

  • Fixed clipboard for Android 10 now available for everyone

2.2.beta (2019-10-07)

  • Fixed Clipboard monitoring and reading for Android 10. Demo.

2.1.1 (2019-04-01)

Released beta for everyone.

2.1.1.beta (2019-03-19)

  • Fixed some issues that were causing Device IDs to change sometimes. Should change much less frequently now
  • Migrated from GCM to FCM
  • Updated Google Play Services to their latest versions

2.1.0 (2019-03-07)


Made all beta features available for everyone!

2.1-beta.3 (2019-02-19)

  • Added Install Local App/Send Local App option in Device Actions: allows you to remotely install an installed app on a remote device. Demo.
  • Made installing APKs from received files work on Android P
  • Fixed Device Renaming

2.1-beta.2 (2019-02-04)

  • Made synced notifications and SMS notifications show up in their own Notification Categories
  • Fixed crashes related to permissions

2.1-beta (2019-01-30)

  • Updated target API to 27
  • Added Notification Category support
  • Fixed showing messaging history in notifications for Whatsapp and other messaging apps.
  • Fixed phone numbers not appearing for phone calls in Android P
  • Fixed ending phone calls in Android P
  • Added ability to start an Android intent via push
  • Added own device name and id variables in the Device Query action for Tasker
  • Fixed sending pre-filled in values for Join Actions in some situations

2.0 (2018-05-23)

Beta features are now available for everyone! Here are some highlights:

  • 3 new device types: IFTTT, Node-RED and MQTT
  • Join Actions: do anything on remote devices from home screen shortcuts, app shortcuts, quick settings tiles, share targets, notifications and Chrome Extension
  • Remote Text-to-Speech
  • Remote Opening of apps
  • Backup/Restore Settings in Android

Check out all the changes in the beta changelogs below!

1.8.8b (Beta) (2018-05-10)

  • Updated app so that you have to agree to Join’s privacy policy to continue using it, because of GDPR.
  • Made regular Android Share target ask you if you want to share to actions or devices if you have actions that apply

1.8.7b (Beta) (2018-05-08)

  • Made Join actions available as Android share targets (demo) and runnable from notifications (demo)

1.8.6b (Beta) (2018-05-01)

  • Very important fix for SMS/MMS: may fix battery draining issues people were having
  • Made Join Actions command for MQTT devices be the topic and the values will be the actual message
  • Added Say and App options in the Tasker Send Push action

1.8.5b (Beta) (2018-03-07)

  • Added IFTTT integration. Demo here. Info here.
  • Node-RED integration. Demo here. Info here.
  • Added support for pushing to local network devices (like Node-RED)
  • Added support for pushing to MQTT Brokers from the Android app (like Node-RED)
  • Added new API fields say and language. Allows you to say text out loud on your devices. Demo here.
  • Can now open apps remotely. Demo
  • Added drag & drop functionality to the actions list so you can re-order the actions at will
  • Show more info about actions in the Actions list
  • Added new Join Actions Tasker action which allows you to call your pre-configured Join actions from Tasker
  • Hopefully fixed an issue some users were having with battery drain

1.8.4b (Beta) (2018-02-08)

  • Added a new Actions option in the main app where you can edit built-in and custom actions that you can then use in various places like Quick Settings tiles and App Shortcuts
  • Added Home Screen Shortcuts: built-in and custom actions. Demo here.
  • Added option to select which phone notifications to show: incoming, outgoing, both or none.
  • Added Automatic Backup option
  • Simplified all of the settings screens to just show the main options and hide all secondary options under Advanced
  • Fixed issue where MMS Attachments wouldn’t load

1.8.3b (Beta) (2018-01-30)

  • Added Backup/Restore feature for Android app’s settings. Demo here.
  • Made clipboard bubbles for devices show text when option to hide clipboard text is enabled

1.8.2b (Beta) (2018-01-22)

  • Added missing permission to answer calls on Android 8+
  • Revamped the whole file download and upload framework: allows hiding system files in Google Drive so they don’t clutter it all up.
  • Chrome:
    • Added custom commands
    • Made links in notifications clickable
    • Don’t update local sms list if it’s newer than remote

1.8.1 (2017-11-21)

  • I’ve decided to make paying for theme unlocking optional. There’s too much feedback saying that it’s not fair to charge for it and I just can’t have that. Please consider supporting Join if you can so it can stay alive for a long time to come. Thanks in advance 🙂

1.8 (2017-11-20)

  • Beta features are now out for everyone! Check out the announcement post here and comment on the release here!

1.7.5b (Beta) (2017-11-15)

  • Made notifications not use a notification category on Android 8 so that each notification can be individually costumized

1.7.4b (Beta) (2017-09-21)

  • Added new base colors “Black” for true AMOLED Blackness 🙂
  • Made all accent colors available for all base colors (light, dark or black)
  • Themed dialogs
  • Themed clipboard bubble
  • Themed notification accent colors
  • Fixed some bugs

1.7.3b (Beta) (2017-09-20)

  • Theme selection for the Android app! Check out the video!

1.7.2b (Beta) (2017-06-28)

  • Added support for stored pushes when pushing to Chrome: if Chrome is offline at the time of the push, push will be received when it’s back online
  • Added support for Multi-SIM SMS and MMS on Android 5.1 and above
  • Added support for always sending text messages via MMS
  • Fixed bug where very long automatic copy-pastes were being sent back to the sender

1.7 (2017-05-11)

All of the beta features now available for everyone! Some highlights:


  • SMS Contact Photos
  • Battery status notifications
  • Notification Pictures
  • Super fast SMS and MMS notifications
  • Automatic contact info refreshing
  • Android Nougat Quick Settings tile to toggle notification syncing


  • Themes
  • Remote Info and Settings for Android devices
  • Dismiss Everywhere button
  • Options to hide commands and devices

1.5.7b (Beta) (2017-05-05)

  • Chrome: customizable themes. Check example video here.
  • Chrome: automatic theme that changes do dark after 5 P.M. and to light after 10 A.M.
  • Added interruption filter and sound volumes to Join API
  • Made empty Join Group notifications on Android 7 and above clear automatically
  • Other smaller bugfixes

1.5.6b (Beta) (2017-04-05)

  • Added notification pictures to notifications
  • Join SMS message notifications will now dismiss on all devices if read from one
  • Chrome: Switched Dismissed buttons for notifications: top right X will close only locally, Dismiss Everywhere button will dismiss everywhere
  • Android: Made received images be downloaded do DCIM/Join instead of the regular download folder
  • Android: Added option to disable battery notifications

1.5.5b (Beta) (2017-04-04)

  • Android app: Android 7 quick tile to enable/disable notification sending
  • Chrome extension: separate Dismiss button for notifications that only dismisses notifications locally
  • Chrome extension: Notification dialog with more actions when a notification has more than 1 action
  • Chrome extension: clear API notifications on other devices when dismissed with the Close button (top-right cross button)

1.5.4b (Beta) (2017-04-03)

  • Added remote settings & info window in the Chrome extension
  • Added contact pictures on App shortcuts on Android N
  • Battery full and battery low event notifications

1.5.4b (Beta) (2017-03-30)

  • Added support for contact pictures on Android and the chrome extension
  • Added automatic contact info refreshing
  • Fixed some more bugs related to MMS threading

1.5.2b (Beta) (2017-03-10)

  • Join API notification dismissal is now synced between android devices
  • Made most SMS and MMS notifications much quicker to appear on remote devices
  • Fixed bugs related to MMS threads being wrongly constructed and

1.5.1 (2017-02-15)

  • Ask user for own phone number when setting up SMS/MMS
  • fix MMS and Group messaging thread issues
  • fixed bug where MMS with just image couldn’t be sent

1.5 (2017-02-09)

All of the beta features listed below are now available for everyone. Some highlights:

  • MMS Support: send and receive messages with images remotely on your Android devices, Chrome browser and Windows 10 app
  • Group messaging
  • Faster and more reliable file uploads
  • Send by device name from Join API
  • All sorts of bug fixes

1.0.41b (Beta) (2017-01-18)

  • Made SMS pushes be sent to all devices by default. You now block which devices you want SMS not to push to. If you add a new device SMS will be automatically pushed to it.
  • Added new deviceNames field to the Join API. Must be used with the API key. For example calling,PC would send a push to all devices with the word Nexus or the letters PC in the name

1.0.40b (Beta) (2017-01-10)

  • Fixed some MMS related issues

1.0.38b (Beta) (2016-12-16)

  • Fixed issue of pushing to shared devices

1.0.34b (Beta) (2016-11-24)

  • Some more bugfixes

1.0.33b (Beta) (2016-11-24)

  • Several bug fixes related to MMS
  • Fixed issues with file uploading to make it faster

1.0.32b (Beta) (2016-11-23)

  • Several bug fixes related to MMS

1.0.31b (Beta) (2016-11-22)

  • Fixed issue where all MMS would appear in one thread
  • Re-did file uploading from the ground up to be quicker and more reliable – should no longer create duplicate Join Files folders on Google Drive now
  • Made persistent notifications disappear if notification access service is running
  • Hopefully fixed sending MMS remotely for some users
  • Added screen explaining what the sms sync notification is about

1.0.29b (Beta) (2016-11-17)

  • Fixed bug with MMS and SMS not syncing. Please disable and re-enable the Settings -> SMS and Phone Calls -> SMS and Call Service switch to fix it. Sorry for the trouble.

1.0.28b (Beta) (2016-11-17)

  • Added MMS support in Chrome (you need to enable the Beta features in the extension settings)
  • Added emoji support in Chrome extension
  • optionally respect do-not-disturb mode and priority notifications mode for synced notifications
  • delay Gmail notifications by 1 second and only send last one so you don’t get multiple notifications in a row
  • made whatsapp call notifications show up
  • other various bug fixes

1.0.27 (2016-10-24)

All of the beta features listed below are now available for everyone. Some highlights:

  • Share your devices with other accounts so they can push stuff to you
  • Remote phone call handling
  • App Shortcuts on Android 7.1
  • Reply to SMS and chat apps remotely on Android Wear
  • Push history now available on the web
  • Remtote lock screen wallpaper setting
  • Vibrations and Priority fields in the Join API

1.0.26b (Beta) (2016-10-20)

1.0.24b (Beta) (2016-10-07)

  • added speaker and mute mic buttons in ongoing call notifications
  • added ability to set lockscreen wallpaper on Android 7.0 and above
  • fixed not being able to delete pushes from the Android app

1.0.23b.bf2 (Beta) (2016-09-14)

  • Android: Fixed some files not opening automatically when downloaded
  • Android: Fixed GCM tokens not refreshing when changing ROM
  • Android: Added additional direct GCM key test
  • Android SMS uploading: Fixed in some situations and made quicker

1.0.23b (Beta) (2016-09-05)


  • Share your device with another account so that other people can push stuff to you
  • Bottom sheet for device actions instead of popup menu
  • SMS homescreen shortcut
  • Send file action in main app
  • Quick reply action for Android Wear and Android N notifications and SMS.
  • Fixed Whatsapp issue
  • Option to define your own pre-defined responses on Android Wear
  • Fixed issue with SMS messages with special characters not sending
  • Push history shows correctly for devices running recent Join version
  • User can select YouTube video description and privacy for screen captures
  • Support for mirroring Direct Reply for Android N notifications


  • Snooze notification mirroring
  • Call management support
  • Device push history for devices running recent Join version
  • Option to keep notifications until you interact with them
  • Creating notification with link in uses target’s title instead of current page’s title
  • Popout window size is now kept between sessions
  • Change badge color to orange when notifications unread, grey when read
  • Changed most dialogs to custom dialogs instead of native javascript dialogs
  • Automatically selects the notification tab if there are unread notifications when you click the popup icon. Otherwise selects the last selected tab.


  • Added vibration pattern and priority  parameters

1.0.20 (2016-07-04)

  • public release of the new notification features mentioned below. Check out an example video here.

1.0.19b (Beta)(2016-07-04)

  • Made LED blink with the same color as the notification icon on supported devices
  • Bug fixes

1.0.17b (Beta)(2016-06-30)

  • When mirroring notifications, the original status bar icon will be used!
  • When sending a notification with the API, if the icon contains transparency it will also be used as the status bar icon (notice the xbox icon at the top in the beginning of the video)
  • The accent color on the notification will be set to the color of the icon
  • When the notifications are grouped on Android N, the group notification will show the title in the little subtext next to “Join” and will also be tinted with the icon color
  • Added option to request screen capture from the main app and Tasker
  • I also made some changes to the app purchase code so if anyone would be so kind as to try out the unlock or support options in the app when you get the update I would really really appreciate it 🙂 Also, if you can, please try to enable and disable ads and check if they show up correctly. Thanks in advance!

1.0.16 (2016-06-27)

  • Public release of screen capturing and all the beta features below
  • Added optional confirmation and renaming dialog after a video is done capturing

1.0.15b (Beta) (2016-06-23)

  • Screen Capture with optional upload to YouTube. Check here to see how it works
  • No longer requires Contacts permission. Only requests SMS permission when needed
  • Made “Reply Directly” action available for KitKat devices (was previously Lollipop and up)
  • Fixed Inbox App notifications
  • Added Dutch and Russian translations
  • Added Title filter to Tasker “Received Push” condition
  • Clipboard bubble now remembers vertical position you last dragged it to
  • When notifications are requested, all notifications are sent, not just the ones for the selected apps
  • Fixed issue with some notifications showing garbled text with encryption
  • Removed group devices from Tasker “Join Settings” action

1.0.14 (2016-05-18)

  • All of the beta features below. Some highlights:
  • Direct push: most pushes to Android and Chrome will now be sent via GCM directly without going through Join’s server first. This means faster delivery and less server load.
  • Native SMS messaging on Android devices: You now have an SMS section where you can send SMS remotely without having to use the Web UI on Android
  • Initial support for Android TV. App shows in the Android TV launcher and notifications appear as toasts. You can select the position of the toasts in the app’s settings.

1.0.13b (Beta) (2016-05-12)

  • Made Join show up in the Android TV launcher
  • Made notifications that open URLs unlock the screen first so that chrome can open them after a screen unlock
  • various bug fixes related the SMS section

1.0.12b (Beta) (2016-05-11)

  • added changelog shortucut in “Get Support” section and as a dialog when you first run the app after an update
  • option to change position of synced notification toasts on android TV

1.0.11b (Beta) (2016-05-10)

  • made notifications show up as toasts on Android TV (would appreciate if someone with an Android TV could test this)
  • added take screenshot action to android device menu
  • option to change notification sound on Android
  • fixed notification buttons on synced notifications on Android
  • Chrome: added option to send favorite command with pre-defined text (useful for pre-defined Tasker commands for example)
  • made original sms notification be dismissed if sms is handled on any other device
  • added sms notification sound on android
  • fixed a bunch of SMS related bugs in Android and Windows app

1.0.10b (Beta) (2016-05-06)

  • native SMS messaging on Android!

1.0.9b (Beta) (2016-05-03)

  • added direct device-to-device pushing without going through Join’s servers for Chrome and Android devices

1.0.7 (2016-04-22)

  • Smart Device Groups: you can now send pushes to multiple devices at the same time. Groups are automatically created for you depending on what devices you have
  • Possible groups are:
    • All
    • Androids
    • Phones
    • Tablets
    • Chromes
    • Windows 10s
    • PCs
  • Join API supports sending to multiple devices using the deviceIds parameter. More details here.

1.0.6 (2016-04-20)

  • you can now easily create notifications from Chrome and with the Join API
  • right-click options to create notifications added in Chrome
  • “Note to self” button added in Chrome
  • “title” and “icon” fields added in the Join API: if “title” is set, Join will always create a notification
  • workaround for notification sync crash in Android N Preview 2
  • SMS messages will not create notifications if the device is offline and then comes online later
  • other smaller bug fixes

1.0.5 (2016-04-05)

1.0.2 (2016-03-15)

  • when sharing a file,  show notification in notification bar
  • fixed some notifications that would disappear instantly in chrome
  • added option to change notification timeout in Chrome
  • added tutorial to launch app in windows like in video
  • fixed some memory issues while accessing Drive API
  • fixed file names when downloading files in some situations
  • denying a permission will no longer show “Permission Denied” popup all the time
  • change “week” to “month” in the setup wizard, describing the trial time for the app