Personal Url and Personal Key

There are two important strings that are very important to AutoRemote:

  • Personal Url that appears when you open AutoRemote on Android (something like
  • Personal Key

It’s very important to distinguish between these two.

  • Your personal URL will almost always be used
    • When adding Android devices on another system (Windows, Chrome, etc)
  • Your Personal Key will be used when there’s no convenient way to use your personal URL

Important Note: for technical reasons, when adding a device to EventGhost you need to enter your personal key (see below), not your personal URL.

Steps to get your personal Key:

  • Go to your personal URL
  • After the page has finished loading look in your URL. It will look something like
  • Instead of MY_KEY, your key will be there. Copy your key with Control+C and paste it where needed with Control+V