Custom Notifications

With Join you can create custom notifications from anywhere with an internet connection!


For example, if you want to receive notifications from an RSS feed, follow this tutorial:

Use the Join API to send notifications to your device with a simple url.

Remember to set the title and icon fields so that notifications always look their best! 🙂

Custom Transparent Status Bar Icons

On Marshmallow and above, the status bar will display custom transparent icons


Notification on M
Join Notification on Android Marshmallow

The notification color accents will be set according to the icon color

Notification N
Join Notification on Android Nougat

Notifications will be grouped by their title on Android Nougat

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Of course, you also have full notification sync with Join, which will mirror your notifications from an Android device to your other devices. You can enable it in the Android app -> Notifications:


image provided by Simon Hoffmann