Learn how to make your own screens here

Import these screens into AutoCast by navigating to them on your Android device. Check links for more info on each screen.

Home Screen Notification – By Kevin Chanquín –  Home Screen Replacement with overlayed notifications

Weather Screen – By Bryan Gerlach – Show the current weather

Cards UI Test – By Doug Gregory – 4 cards to display photos and info

PhotoTile – By João Dias – Display 4 photos or slideshows on the same screen

SoundCloud Casting – by Luis Paredes – Stylized music playing screen with a SoundCloud theme

Home Infoboard – by Sarah Dittmer – Not directly importable. Go to the link for instructions.

Google Map and Street View –  In the free form data send the location info(try “eiffel tower”), and the place will be marked on left half of screen, and the nearest streetview will be shown on the right half of the screen.

Info Screen by Daren Jularic – shows a whole lot of info