Did you ever feel you needed to track your shipments (UPS, DHL, FedEx) but there was never the perfect way to do it? Well, now you can track shipments just the way you like it with Tasker and the AutoApps! Full tutorial and Tasker Project ready to import here. Check it out: This is […]

Track Your Shipments (UPS, DHL, FedEx, etc…) with Tasker and ...

Did you know that you can use a desktop or taskbar shortcut to launch Join for Chrome in a standalone window? Here’s you you do it: Copy and paste this URL in a new tab: chrome-extension://flejfacjooompmliegamfbpjjdlhokhj/devices.html?tab=notifications&popup=1 In Chrome open the Menu -> More Tools -> Add To Desktop… Confirm that you want to add it to the Desktop […]

Join Desktop Shortcut for Chrome Extension

Download the new AutoNotification here! 2 weeks ago AutoNotification brought you the option to add a Mark As Read button to your Gmail notifications. Now it’s taking it even further by allowing to fully customize the notifications. You can choose between 14 buttons and up to 5 at the same time! 3 […]

Fully Customize Buttons in Gmail Notifications with AutoNotification

Mark as Read When you receive a Gmail notification you get 2 buttons: Archive and Reply Sometimes you just want to get rid of the email right away either because you could read all its text right in the notification or you can see right away that it’s something that […]

Add a “Mark as Read” button to Gmail Notifications with ...

Version 2.5 of AutoInput is now out! Download it here. Auto Dismiss Keyguard You may have heard that the OnePlus 5T has a new face unlock feature that’s not available on other Android devices. Well, that’s not the case anymore 🙂 As you can see in the video above you […]

New AutoInput – Standalone Face Unlock, Free to Use, Unlock ...

A new version of Join is out, and with it comes theming support and more! Get it on Google Play right now! Themes You can now choose from hundreds of different color combinations so you can make Join look just the way you like it. Multi SIM If you have Android 5.1 […]

New Join – Android Themes, Stored Pushes, Multi-SIM

Some time ago XDA reported that you could enable Enable Google Dialer’s New Floating Bubble Feature with some hacking and root access. Well, you can now do this without any hacking or root access! You can now create this using AutoTools and Tasker! Check out how it looks! Tutorial To achieve […]

Replicate Google Dialer’s Floating Bubble With AutoTools

The new 2.1 release of AutoTools is available! Here’s what’s new. Floating Bar Some new background APIs were added to Web Screens which now allows this to happen! Display a list of interactive items in a bar that can be dragged around the screen and be expanded/collapsed at will. You can make […]

AutoTools 2.1 – Floating Bars, Icons, Assistants and more!

Ever thought to yourself: “why can’t Google Assistant recognize songs anymore like the old Google Now could? Doesn’t make any sense!!”? Well, you’re abolutely right! With the power of AutoApps you can now bring this feature back! Check it out:   And here’s the full tutorial on how to do […]

Bring Back Song Recognition To Google Assistant!

In Android Oreo notification categories were introduced which is great for users! These allow users to fully control how their app’s notifications behave. The problem is an app must be built specifically for Android Oreo or above for the system to allow the user to customize its notifications. Well, not […]

Control ALL apps’ notification categories on Android Oreo