The new 2.1 release of AutoTools is available! Here’s what’s new. Floating Bar Some new background APIs were added to Web Screens which now allows this to happen! Display a list of interactive items in a bar that can be dragged around the screen and be expanded/collapsed at will. You can make […]

AutoTools 2.1 – Floating Bars, Icons, Assistants and more!

Ever thought to yourself: “why can’t Google Assistant recognize songs anymore like the old Google Now could? Doesn’t make any sense!!”? Well, you’re abolutely right! With the power of AutoApps you can now bring this feature back! Check it out:   And here’s the full tutorial on how to do […]

Bring Back Song Recognition To Google Assistant!

In Android Oreo notification categories were introduced which is great for users! These allow users to fully control how their app’s notifications behave. The problem is an app must be built specifically for Android Oreo or above for the system to allow the user to customize its notifications. Well, not […]

Control ALL apps’ notification categories on Android Oreo

AutoNotification 3.0 is out! With it comes the ability to block any app’s notifications, including those pesky “running in the background”, or “app is displaying over other apps” Android System notifications! And best of all, the feature is totally free and Tasker isn’t needed at all! This will work in any language, […]

No Tasker needed – Block Persistent Notifications In Android Oreo!

The new AutoTools is out! You can download it here! Web Screens My goal with Web Screens is to make UI creation based on templates rather than having each and every user creating their own custom layouts. Myself and other community members create Web Screen Presets which then anyone can use. If […]

AutoTools 2.0 – Web Screens, HTML Read and More!

The new AutoNotification release now supports Table Notifications! Here’s an example where the weather for the next few days is shown:   Here’s another example that shows some of the albums for an artist. Each of the albums can be clickable so it opens in Spotify or Google Play Music!   Notification […]

AutoNotification Tables

You can now make it easier to call AutoVoice on your Google Assistant with Shortcuts! Open the Google Home app Open the navigation bar on the left and tap More Settings Scroll down and tap Shortcuts Create a shortcut with a command like Podcasts and set the Google Assistant Should do field to Ask AutoVoice to resume […]

AutoVoice Assistant Shortcuts: Easy Voice Commands!

A new version of Join is out! If you like videos to go with new releases, here’s one to give you an overview on what’s new 🙂 Here’s the full changelog. Chrome Themes You can change the base theme colors and also the accent color in Chrome Device Info and […]

New Join – Chrome Themes, Remote Settings, SMS Contact Photos ...

Google released the Google Assistant SDK the other day. This SDK allows the Google Assistant to run on practically any device! Today I made some modifications to their sample code that allows the AutoVoice Chrome Extension to call the SDK! Since the AutoVoice extension has an “always listening” feature, you can now […]

“Hey Google!” – Trigger Google Assistant on your PC with ...

Android O will bring a new Timeout feature to notifications which allows developers to make notifications go away after a set period of time. Well, with AutoNotification you can start doing that today! On any device! 🙂   As you can see in the video, simply by setting the timeout of the […]

AutoNotification Timeout: Android O feature for everyone!