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Step 0 – Check out what Join can do

Step 1 – Apps

Download and use the apps for the platforms you use

Android App

Chrome Extension

Windows 10 app

Join on the Web

Join API

Join With Google Assistant

Step 2 – Enable the stuff you want in the app’s settings

Open the app, expanding the navigation drawer on the left and select “Settings”

  • You can enable clipboard syncing for the devices you want
  • You can enable SMS notifications for the devices you want
  • You can enable notification syncing for the devices and apps you want: Setting_Landscape (image provided by Simon Hoffmann)

Step 3 – Request Features

If you want a feature to be added to Join, request it here.

Step 4 – Follow Beginner’s Guide!

If you need more help or get stuck somewhere follow the beginner’s guide available here. (Guide was made by community member Juan M)

Step 5 – Enjoy!

You can send links from one device to another, sync notifications, send SMS messages and much, much more!