Beta Testing

I have set up beta tests for several of my apps.

If you want to always have the latest version of the apps and don’t mind a little instability here and there, you can sign up for beta testing.

To get into beta testing you need to join my Google+ community here:

Then you need to sign up for the betas. The links are available in the “About this Community” card on Google+. Please give it a few hours to update so you can get access to the links. Sometimes after you join the community the links are not immediately available and will show a 404 error.

After you join the betas, you’ll start getting regular updates from Google Play, but for the beta versions instead of just the regular ones. But don’t worry, once a regular version is released, you’ll get that too!

Here are the current links for my betas. But remember: you have to join the community first or these won’t work!

Leave feedback on Google+ or email me at: