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Watch these videos in this order:

You can issue AutoVoice commands in Google Assistant by saying Ask AutoVoice to do something:

If you find it too cumbersome to always say the Ask AutoVoice to part, you can setup shortcuts:

You can also say an AutoVoice command to Google Assistant on your phone by saying “Note to self” followed by the command:

If you don’t need or use Google Assistant, you can use AutoVoice on its own:

React to a voice command:

Getting started with Natural Language:


AutoVoice on Google Home and Amazon Echo:

On the Google Home you can use shortcuts to easily call AutoVoice like this:

On the Amazon Echo you can also directly send a command like this:

If you got those, check this one for a more complex yet more powerful example:


Find all kinds of practical examples for AutoVoice in our projects section:

If you still are not quite sure how to use it, read this guide:


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Other videos you can watch:









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