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How to get started:


Google Assistant:

Start by linking AutoVoice with your Google Assistant as shown in the video below:

You can issue AutoVoice commands in Google Assistant by saying Ask AutoVoice to do something:

If you find it too cumbersome to always say the Ask AutoVoice to part, you can setup shortcuts:

You can also say an AutoVoice command to Google Assistant on your phone by saying “Note to self” followed by the command:

If AutoVoice is not available in your Google Assistant’s language, you can use the workaround described here.



If you don’t need or use Google Assistant, you can use AutoVoice on its own:

React to a voice command:

Getting started with Natural Language:


AutoVoice on Google Home and Amazon Echo:

On the Google Home you can use shortcuts to easily call AutoVoice like this:

On the Amazon Echo you can also directly send a command like this:

If you got those, check this one for a more complex yet more powerful example:


Find all kinds of practical examples for AutoVoice in our projects section:

If you still are not quite sure how to use it, read this guide:


Search our Forum for relevant topics:


Search our Google+ community for relevant topics:


Other videos you can watch:









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