Query your contacts in Tasker with AutoContacts!

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To get Started with querying contacts:

  • In Tasker, create a new Task and add a new action: plugins->AutoContacts
  • In the Name or Nickname field write a name of a contact you know is on your list and has a phone number. Accept the settings
  • Add a Popup action in Tasker and in the title field write %acname and in the text field write %acnumber
  • Test the Task with the “Play” button on the lower left in Tasker: you’ll see a popup window with the name of your contact as the title and the number of your contact as the text
  • You can use Tasker Variables in the AutoContacts fields, so you can dynamically query the contacts you want, with AutoVoice for instance
  • If it doesn’t work, please follow the steps in the FAQ here:
  • You can use the little tag icon tasker tag to insert AutoContacts variables automatically in any Tasker text field.
  • You can now use your contact’s info any way you like. You can call them, email them, text them, navigate to their home, setup a notification with their birthday, start a hangout with them, the list goes on and on!

Check out this video to see how to get started:

Check out this video to get an idea on how to use AutoContacts with AutoVoice: