No Tasker needed – Block Persistent Notifications In Android Oreo!

AutoNotification 3.0 is out!

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With it comes the ability to block any app’s notifications, including those pesky “running in the background”, or “app is displaying over other apps” Android System notifications! And best of all, the feature is totally free and Tasker isn’t needed at all!

This will work in any language, because you specify which notifications you want to block by their title or text.

Check out the tutorial video:


Other new features:

With version 3.0 you also get a lot of other new features, including a bunch Oreo specific ones:

Features  For Everyone:

  • Added support for icon packs. This means you can now use any of the icons in icon packs on Google Play on your notifications!
  • Apply block rules on boot
  • Option to only show first row of buttons in collapsed view of button notifications

Android 8+ only Features:

  • New Snooze Tasker action to snooze notifications
  • New Categories Tasker action to edit/query notification categories
  • Cancel/Block persistent notifications
  • Badge type for supported launchers, colorize background on media notifications, group alert behaviour
  • Notification Intercept can filter by reason notification was cancelled (user dismissed, notification click, system cancelled, etc)
  • Notification Query can retrieve info on snoozed notifications instead of regular ones
  • New variables for notification cancel reason: %ancancelreason (code) and %ancancelreasontext (description of cancel reason)
  • Added Long tap action in tiles
  • Added Notification Category options when creating notification

Full changelog here.

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