Join 3.0 – Works in Firefox and Edge, Local Network communication, Desktop app and more!

Finally Join 3.0 is now available for everyone!!

Check out the release video!

Join on the Web

The Join website has been rebuilt from the ground up! You can finally use Join with the Firefox and Edge Browsers! 😄

It can even work through your local network if you so choose!

Here’s some of the stuff you can do on the new website:

  • Browse your phone’s files
  • Check your phone’s notifications
  • Send and receive SMS
  • Receive pushes (URLs, files, etc) from your phone and also send them
  • Take a screenshot or video of your phone
  • Set the wallpaper on your phone
  • Trigger a Tasker profile
  • Trigger Node-RED or EventGhost on your PC

…and more!

You can even select the theme for the website and customize all the colors in it! Check it out:

Join Desktop App

The Join Desktop App is an open source Windows, Mac and Linux based on the website but since it’s an app running locally on your PC it can do more “privileged” stuff like:

  • automatic clipboard syncing between your Phone and PC
  • Global keyboard shortcuts (for example open a URL on your phone with your PC’s keyboard even if the app isn’t open)
  • Command line actions: run any shell command on your PC which allows you to do basically anything you want from any of your remote devices, like opening an app on your PC from your phone for example!

Local Network

As mentioned, Join will now try to make your devices communicate through your local network when possible!

This means that file transfers will be much faster for example, and that you don’t have to worry about your data going through third-party servers in most situations!

This even works with the existing Chrome Extension!

Android App

The Android app also got a few upgrades! Besides the mentioned Local Network support, it now also gives you a new state for Tasker that tells you if your other devices are on the same local network. Very handy to know if your PC is on for example!

It also has a lot of new options in the Tasker Join Send Push action including a way to totally customize sending remote notifications.



If you want to comment on this release you can do so over on Reddit!


Enjoy Join 3.0! 😊