Join Desktop App

Join Desktop is an open source app that you can install and run on your desktop.

It’s similar to the Join Website but since it’s a native app it can do more stuff like clipboard syncing and keyboard shortcuts.

Check out how it works in this demo:

You can download the app at the following locations:

Get all releases and changelogs here:

How it works

Desktop apps like this one don’t have a native way of receiving push messages which Join relies on, so this app uses other ways to get push messages to the app:

  • If your PC and Android device are on the same local network it’ll work directly through that. Your browser can be closed and the app should still work.
  • If your phone is on a different network, your browser will be used to receive those push messages and then forward them to the app. In this case you need to keep your browser open (doesn’t need to be on the Join website).

Join can still send pushes to other devices without the help of the browser, it’s just receiving pushes that it needs help with if not on the same local network as the Android device.


It seems that on some particular PCs the app has trouble starting because of authentication issues. If this is the case for you, you might see a blank screen when you first start up the app. Try using the steps here and see if it helps.