AutoNotification Update with Buttons, Replies and more

It has been a long time coming but the AutoNotification beta is now finally out for everyone! 🙂

Here are a few highlights:

Button Notifications

Ever felt the need for a notification with 50 buttons? Well, now you can make that dream a reality. Enter AutoNotification Buttons Notification, where you can add as many buttons as you like to a single notification. For example, you could make a handy remote with your favourite channels, remote buttons (credit goes to Chon Wang) or favorite music apps when you insert your headphones (credit goes to Mark Darwin)

Buttons Notification   Full Remote  Music Butons

Want more then 50? Make them smaller and more will fit.

Button Madness

Yes, all those tiny lamps are buttons with different actions! It’s button madness with AutoNotification! 😀



You can now reply to almost any messaging app in the background! Even if your screen is locked!


The messaging app has to support this (most do nowadays) and you have to be on Lollipop to use it.

Note: the example image and video use AutoTools to show the dialogs. AutoTools is currently in Alpha and you can get it through AutoApps in the Alpha tab.



Basic HTML Support

You can now use basic HTML formatting in notifications so you can underline, color, bold and much more! (Credit: Tasker Pro)

Html formatting

You can even use HTML entities to draw icons. 🙂 Those aren’t images, they’re just normal HTML characters! (Credit: Frédéric Szymañski)

Html icons


Notification Updating

You can now optionally only update the fields you want in a notification. For example, you could have a notification to play some media, and only update the playing media’s name on it while keeping all the other fields like buttons, title, etc.


Enhanced Notification Cancelling

Tired of having to always get the id, package and tag of a third-party notification to cancel it? Good, now you can cancel one or more notifications simply by their app name, title or text so it’s much easier to do!


Non-Standard Notification Button Clicking

You can now perform any notification’s buttons action from AutoNotification! Before you could only performed button actions from standard Android notifications, but now you can do it from any type of notifications, like the YouTube casting one for example!