The Google Assistant API is not public yet (it will be in december) but IFTTT got early access to it. Because of this it’s now possible to create a workaround to make AutoVoice work with Google Assistant, with the help of IFTTT and Join! Check out how to make it work […]

AutoVoice Commands with Google Assistant!

What happens if you take Google Assistant, IFTTT, Join, Tasker and put them all together? Awesomeness happens! Now you can automate anything to your heart’s desire by combining Google Assistant with Tasker! Learn how to create this setup in this handy tutorial. Join in!! 🙂

Google Assistant + IFTTT + Join + Tasker = Awesomeness!!

Google just released their new 2.0 Allo update and with it came direct reply from the notification itself on Android 7 and above. As always, when an app allows you to reply directly, Join will allow you to do so too on any of your devices. Download Join (no need to […]

Reply to Allo on your desktop with Join

New update for Join is out! Check out what’s new: Some highlights include: Share your devices with other accounts so they can push stuff to you Remote phone call handling App Shortcuts on Android 7.1 Reply to SMS and chat apps remotely on Android Wear Push history now available on […]

Join – Shared devices, remote call management and more!

AutoTools is a new Tasker plugin that extends the base functionality of Tasker. Think of it as a Tasker Plus: a plugin that adds stuff to Tasker that should already be there in the first place and makes it super easy to use. Check out what it can do: These are some of […]

AutoTools – Supercharge Tasker!

You can now download and use Join on your Xbox One! To download the app, simply go the app store on your Xbox One and search for Join     Reply to text messages, receive phone call notifications* and send new SMS messages all from your big screen TV while enjoying your […]

Join on Xbox

Text Processors With the newest release of AutoShare you can now receive text from any app, send it to Tasker to process and send it back to the calling app transformed in some way. Here’s an example: some Portuguese text is written in the Hangouts app. It is sent to AutoShare […]

AutoShare – Text Processors and Direct Shares

Screen Capturing Screen Capturing and sharing on Android has always been a bit of a cumbersome process. You usually need to Open an app Start capturing Perform the actions you want to capture Stop capturing by either opening the capture app and hitting Stop pulling down on the notification bar and […]

Join gets screen capturing with YouTube integration, less permissions and ...

After a few weeks in Beta, AutoArduino is now ready for everyone to use! Download it here! Since AutoArduino can control the pins on your Arduino directly you’ll never have to reprogram your Arduino again. You can manage it all remotely via Tasker! AutoArduino connects to your Arduino via USB (with […]

AutoArduino – Control your Arduino with Tasker via USB, Bluetooth ...

Join Add-on for Firefox
A few days ago I put the Chrome Extension source code on GitHub and already mrkevinlin and tommyent committed quite a few changes to help re-design the extension and give it a more polished and material look. People are already loving the results! Redesigned Screens As I mentioned multiple times before, I have a total lack of […]

Join Browser Extensions go open source and it has already ...