New Join – Android Themes, Stored Pushes, Multi-SIM

A new version of Join is out, and with it comes theming support and more! Get it on Google Play right now!


You can now choose from hundreds of different color combinations so you can make Join look just the way you like it.

Multi SIM

If you have Android 5.1 or above you can now select which SIM you want to use when sending SMS or MMS with Join.

Stored Pushes For Chrome

Now when you send a push to an offline Chrome device from your phone, the pushes will come through immediately after you turn your PC on and launch Chrome.

This means that you can send links to yourself while you’re away, and when you get back to your PC they’ll all open automatically for your browsing pleasure 🙂

A Lot of Bugfixes

A lot of fixes were made under the hood so expect everything to work just a bit better 🙂


Comment on these new features here and, as always, if there’s anything wrong, let me know.