AutoTools – Supercharge Tasker!

AutoTools is a new Tasker plugin that extends the base functionality of Tasker.

Think of it as a Tasker Plus: a plugin that adds stuff to Tasker that should already be there in the first place and makes it super easy to use.

Get it on Google Play

Check out what it can do:

These are some of the features you can find in AutoTools (more info at the Google Play Store listing):

  • Secure Settings
  • Dialogs
  • Data Processing Made Easy
  • Totally Customizable Toasts
  • Badges
  • OCR
  • Gestures Screen
  • Time Calculations
  • Chrome Custom Tabs
  • Wallpapers
  • Flashlight
  • …And More!!

Sounds complicated? Fear not! Follow the handy guide here and check out examples for each and every AutoTools Tasker action and condition here.

Tasker has never been so powerful!