How do I disable the Touchless Chat reply popup and only enable it at certain times?

To disable it, go into the app, go into the “Replies” section, and there choose “Reply to None” as the default reply mode.

Then you can enable smart repliers for specific situations. See how to do that here.

What do I need to enter in the “Facebook Username” field when trying to send a message to a facebook user?

I’ll give you an example:
My facebook page is this: https://www.facebook.com/janeca.xestim
So in the Facebook Username field I have to enter “janeca.xestim” (no quotes) which is the end part of the facebook url.


Can all chat apps be added in Touchless Chat?

No. You can only add apps that sync with your contacts.

A good way to check if the app is compatible with Touchless Chat is by going into the default Android contacts app and checking if you can open the app’s chat window of the app you want to add from there.


Why does Touchless Chat say there’s not enough contact information for my Hangouts contacts? How do I fix it?

You need to have Google+ contacts synchronization enabled for Hangouts messaging to work. Enable it in the Google+ app’s settings. Go to Google+ -> Settings -> choose your account -> Contacts -> select “Keep contacts up to date”.


Why can’t I uninstall Touchless Chat?

Because apps that are set as device administrators can’t be uninstalled. In the app, expand the navigation drawer and you’ll have an option to uninstall the app right there. That option will disable administrator mode for you so you don’t have to do it manually.


Why can’t I enable the accessibility service? It doesn’t allow me to click the Ok button!

You probably have an app like “Lux” or “Twilight” available which adds a full screen overlay to your Android device. As a security measure Android disables that button in this case. To get around this:

  • Disable Lux or Twilight
  • Enable the accessibility service
  • Re-enable Lux or Twilight


Does Touchless Chat support group messaging?

Not yet, but there’s a workaround if you have Android Lollipop and you’re using Whatsapp (may work on other apps too, but only Whatsapp was tested):

  • Open the Android Contacts app
  • Create a contact
  • Name it the same as the group chat
  • Make sure the contact appears in the Touchless Chat contact list
  • Receive a message from this group while not inside the chat window, so that a notification for the message appears.

You should now be able to send messages to this group with Touchless Chat until your next reboot. After each reboot you’ll first need to receive a message from the group to able to send messages to it.

This is not ideal, but I at least it’s better than nothing until full support for group chats is present 🙂


Some supported apps aren’t usable with Touchless Chat. It says that no contact info was found

You need to sync the app’s contacts with Android contacts. Check Android Settings->Accounts->App you want to sync->Account and enable the Contacts toggle.

Different apps may have different ways to enable this (like Hangouts mentioned above), but most will work this way.


How do I export logs from Touchless Chat?

In the main app, open the navigation drawer and touch “Logs”. There press the little “sheets” button in the action bar to export the logs (middle button). Then either copy them to the clipboard or share them via email to me.