Touchless Chat

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Touchless Chat allows you to send messages to your contacts on your favorite messaging apps using just your voice.

How to get started:

  • Complete the in-app setup wizard. It gives you an overview of what the app is about and helps you getting started using it
  • Set default chat apps and languages for your contacts. Don’t worry, if you don’t set them, Touchless Chat will ask you for the info when needed.
  • There are several ways to send messages:
    • In the Google App, say a voice command like “Send a whatsapp message to Johnny”
    • On your launcher touch the “New Chat” app and say a contact’s name or simply the whole command like in the previous example
    • Add Touchless Chat widgets to your home screen
      • Chat Open” will directly open a contact’s chat window in its default messaging app
      • Chat Open Voice” will do the same but for the contact name you say
      • Chat Send” will directly send a message you say to a selected contact. This is the fastest way to send a message to a contact.
      • Chat Write” will open the chat window for a contact and write the text you say. This is useful if you want to double check what you wrote before sending.
    • Via Android Wear with the “New Chat” app on your watch
    • Via Tasker. Examples and tutorials here.

Also watch these videos to understand a little bit more about the features:





Let me know if you have any questions by contacting me at or by joining our Google+ community or forum where there are lots of people willing to help, including me 🙂