Join Browser Extensions go open source and it has already paid off!

A few days ago I put the Chrome Extension source code on GitHub and already mrkevinlin and tommyent committed quite a few changes to help re-design the extension and give it a more polished and material look. People are already loving the results!

Redesigned Screens

Redesigned devices screen with better icons, font and spacingRedesigned notifications screen with FAB better font and spacingRedesigned SMS message screen with lots of changes

As I mentioned multiple times before, I have a total lack of aesthetic sensitivity and am usually prone to making apps very ugly, so this is a breath of fresh air for both me and the community! 🙂

Anyone can contribute to the extension now which will hopefully make its development faster and most importantly much more attractive!


Firefox Add-on

Join Add-on for Firefox

In addition to the Chrome extension I also started working on the upcoming Firefox add-on and put the code on GitHub here.

It’s limited for now as it only allows you to push stuff to your devices with the right-click menu but, once again, hopefully making it open source will help move along development much faster.


To summarize, anyone can contribute to make the Join browser experience better!

Join for Chrome:

Join for Firefox:


Learn all about Join and download it here!