AutoSheets Now Out – Automate Your Google Sheets!

Here’s a new Tasker plugin that allows you to automate just about anything in Google Sheets!

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Check out the release video showing you the main things you can do with AutoSheets:

Many Actions

These are all the actions that AutoSheets supports at launch:

  • Add Rows: append rows of data to the end of a sheet or insert them somewhere in the middle of the sheet
  • Add Sheet: add a new Sheet (tab) at the bottom of your spreadsheet
  • Create Spreadsheet: create a whole new spreadsheet
  • Delete Cell Content: clear the contents of cells without actually removing lines of columns from the sheet
  • Delete Rows/Columns: actually remove rows and columns from sheets along with their content
  • Duplicate Sheet: Create a new sheet inside a spreadsheet which is a copy of an existing sheet
  • Format Cells: change the appearance of cells on your sheets like background or text color
  • Get Cell: simple way to get the value of a single cell on your sheet based on its location or the value of a cell on a different column (great for Cloud Variables)
  • Get Data: get multiple rows/columns of data at the same time. Optionally name the output data as multiple arrays for easier data parsing
  • Get Spreadsheet: get info on a spreadsheet itself like its ID, sheet names, etc
  • Insert Empty Rows/Columns: Simply insert new rows/columns with no content
  • Update Cells: update the content of cells without inserting any new rows/columns

Common Use Cases

You could use AutoSheets to log events in your every day life, like for example:

  • Notifications for specific apps on your phone (for example, check your spendings automatically by logging your bank app’s notifications)
  • Fitness data
  • Home Automation data
  • Location data

…or whatever other data you see fit!

For Tasker veterans, you could use it to store Tasker Variables in the Cloud!

Check out some pre-made AutoSheets projects to get you started with these use cases here!


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Enjoy AutoSheets! 😊