How can I send interactive notifications to my Pebble?

Check out this video and replace AutoRemote Notifications with AutoPebble Notifications:

If I set some settings with an AutoPebble command, the settings are only active for a few moments and then go back to being what they were!

In Tasker, long-press your profile, choose Settings and in the Settings uncheck “Restore Settings”. That should take care of it. 🙂

How can I make my Pebble vibrate?

You can generate a vibration pattern here and paste it in the vibration pattern field of any AutoPebble screen. You can easily copy-paste this with AutoRemote. 🙂

You can also make your pebble vibrate when you’re already in a screen by using the “AutoPebble App” Tasker action.

What can I use the “Save Screen” setting for?

Let me explain with an example:

Lets say you have a news reader on your AutoPebble. You send articles and read them on your pebble. These screens can have an ID like “NewsArticle” and they are saved when sent to the pebble.
You could then have an option on your pebble to “Resume Reading News” which would simply send the last saved article with the “Send Saved” option.


Can I get the battery level of my Pebble in Tasker?

Yes you can. Unfortunately it’s only possible while the AutoPebble app is open on your Pebble. In a Tasker action where you create a screen (“AutoPebble Quick Screen” for example) set the “Battery Changed Prefix” field. Then you’ll get an AutoPebble command each time the battery level changes.