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To get started with AutoPebble follow these steps:

  • (Optional) Create a new project in Tasker called AutoPebble and assign it the AutoPebble icon. This will help you keep things organized. You can create a new project by disabling beginner mode in the Tasker settings and long-clicking the bar at the bottom
  • Create a new profile with the State->plugins->”AutoPebble App” condition
  • Edit the condition and check the “Watch App Opened” option
  • Accept your settings and create a new Task
  • Add a plugin->Plugin->”AutoPebble List” action
  • Set the following values:
    • Header: Home
    • Labels: Popup,Say Hello
  • Accept all your settings and exit Tasker with the back button on your Android device.
  • Open the AutoPebble watch app on your Pebble. A new list should show up with the Header “Home” and with two items on the list: “Popup” and “Say Hello”
  • Select the “Popup” option by selecting with the middle button on your Pebble
  • On your Android device, open the AutoPebble app and select “Log Listing”
  • There should be a “Commands” tab there that shows a “Popup” command. This is what happened when you selected the “Popup” option on your Pebble: you received a command that joined the “home” prefix you configured above with the “Popup” label that you selected
  • Now lets react to this command. Open Tasker again and add a new profile with a State->Plugins->”AutoPebble” condition
  • Under Command Filter write “Popup”. Accept the settings
  • In the Task create a new “Popup” Tasker action and in the text field write “SUCCESS!”. You can not write it in all caps if you’re not that excited 😉
  • Now exit Tasker again with the Tasker back button and select the “Popup” option on your Pebble again. You should see the popup on your Android device!
  • Now go back to your “AutoPebble List” action and in the “Actions” field write:
    • Popup=:=This is some text,Say=:=Hello
  • This will set the first 2 actions on your list. The “Popup=:=This is some text” action will be the action for the first line, which is “Popup”, and the “Say=:=Hello” action will be for the second line, which is “Say Hello”. These actions use the AutoApps Command System
  • Edit your previously create Popup Task and replace “SUCCESS!” with “Command: %apcomm”. %apcomm is whatever comes after =:=, which in this case is “This is some text”.
  • Exit Tasker and re-enter the AutoPebble watch app. Now when you press Popup on your Pebble, you should see a popup on your Android device with the text “Command: This is some text”
  • Open Tasker again and add a new profile with a State->Plugins->”AutoPebble” condition with the command filter
    • Say=:=
  • In the Task, add a Tasker “Say” action and in the Text field, write
    • %apcomm
  • As previously stated, %apcomm is whatever comes after =:=, which in this case is “Hello”.
  • Exit Tasker and re-enter AutoPebble on your watch. Select the “Say Hello” line and press the middle button on your Pebble. Your Android device should now say “Hello”

Now have fun! Explore all the AutoPebble options and create your own Pebble apps right from Tasker! Check out how to use the AutoPebble command system here

If you have any questions, please join our Google+ community where there are thousands of people willing to help, including me! 🙂


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