Vocal Whatsapp

This profile uses Autovoice, Autocontacts and Whatstasker plugins, thus it needs root to work. The profile is triggered by saying “Send Whatsapp message to Name_of_Contact” in Google Now or Autovoice. It uses Autocontacts to look for a matching contact in you contacts list. Whatstasker then looks for the whatsapp ID […]

AutoWear Released!

AutoWear is out of beta and ready for everyone to use! Check out the announcement video here!

Whatsapp messages with voice command

Send a whatsapp message with a single command in google now. In german i say: “Ok Google. Whatsapp Nachricht an NAME schreibe TEXT” In english you could choose: “Ok Google. Whatsapp message to NAME write TEXT” Profile 1: Conditions: Auto Voice Recognized: Whatsapp message to (?<name>.+) write (?<text>.+) – of […]

AutoInput Released!

New app, AutoInput is out of beta and ready for everyone to use! Check out the launch video here:  AutoInput enables you to interact with any Android app automatically. It also allows you to get info from other apps so you can use it in Tasker. This allows you to […]

AutoApps Released

New app, AutoApps is now out for everyone to use! AutoApps is a central hub for all the Tasker plugins that help you automate your life. Here you’ll find a great collection of apps that will make your life easier than ever before! You’ll also find ready-to-use Tasker projects, profiles […]

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AutoVera is released!

AutoVera is finally out for everyone to use! Check out the announcement video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukJp8pRNszo Download the app here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.joaomgcd.autovera

AutoCast is released

AutoCast is now released to the public! AutoCast is a Tasker plugin that enables you to cast almost anything to your Chromecast. Learn all about it here: http://joaoapps.com/autocast/ and download it here Happy casting!

AutoCast Beta

New joaomgcd app AutoCast is released. Join the beta here: joaoapps.com/beta AutoCast lets you: cast audio, video and images to your Chromecast from Tasker. These include YouTube and Dropbox videos (for now), and images shared from the Google+ app control playback from Tasker control other Chromecast apps from Tasker like YouTube […]

Auto Pebble Notifications w/ Buttons

These 3 profiles allow for notifications to be redirected to your Pebble with Button 1 and 2 available + dismiss action. I’d like to have this clear the screen on the Pebble when I hit Dismiss, hopefully I can figure that out.   Profile: Notification Redirect (92) State: AutoNotification Intercept […]