Use AutoVoice from iOS

It doesn’t always have to be iOS Vs Android. They can work together!

If you use both Android and iOS devices or if a loved one or a friend has an iOS device and would like to take advantage of some of the best parts of Android, give this a go!
  • Get an Android device (can be any cheap one)
  • Install Tasker, AutoVoice and AutoRemote on the Android device
  • Open AutoRemote and check your personal URL
  • Open Tasker and import this profile (or use this if you’re using the AutoApps unlocked AutoRemoteLite). To do this:
    • Download file to Android Device
    • Click profiles tab in Tasker->import->browse for file
    • Back out of Tasker with the back button
  • Get an iOS device, open Safari and open this page on it
  • Insert your personal AutoRemote short url here:
  • In Tasker setup any AutoVoice profile
  • On iOS click the AutoVoice app and say your command!
Anything that can be done on Android via AutoVoice can now also be done from your iOS device! 😀
Enjoy and let us know how you use this!