Use AutoVoice from Cortana on Windows 10

  • Install Tasker, AutoVoice and AutoRemote on the Android device
  • Install the AutoRemote Chrome Extension and add your Android device to it in the Chrome Extension Options (Right-click AutoRemote extension icon -> Options)
  • Enable Cortana commands in the Chrome Extension Options
  • Also enable sending Cortana commands to the devices you want
  • Open Tasker and import this profile (or use this if you’re using the AutoApps unlocked AutoRemoteLite). To do this:
    • Download file to Android Device
    • Click profiles tab in Tasker->import->browse for file
    • Back out of Tasker with the back button
  • Set your default browser to Chrome on your Windows 10 PC

Now when you say a command to Cortana that opens a web search, that command will be sent to your phone and recognized by AutoVoice

Anything that can be done on Android via AutoVoice can now also be done from your Windows 10 PC! 😀
Enjoy and let us know how you use this!