Privacy Policy

AutoNotification’s use and transfer to any other app of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

If you sign in to start a trial, your email address will be sent to a server so that the date of the trial can be checked.

If you use the Gmail Buttons feature your email address is stored locally but no other data is stored or sent to any server. Your emails are safe from prying eyes 🙂

To make it very clear, AutoNotification doesn’t collect any data from Gmail other than saving your credentials to your local storage so that you can use said web service. AutoNotification does not share any data with any third parties.

Regarding Gmail, the authorization scopes below are needed:

  • – AutoNotification needs to allow the user to delete threads and messages via notification buttons, bypassing the trash. Other than deleting threads permanently, this scope is not used.
  • – AutoNotification allows the user to mark a message as read, archive it, star it, etc via notification buttons
  •  – AutoNotification needs to read the user’s gmail titles, dates and sender address so that it can try to match received notifications with gmail thread ids so that it can create duplicate notifications with the added buttons

Ways AutoNotification Uses Google User Data

  • Accesses: AutoNotification normally only accesses the users email address for the purpose of tracking the user’s trial start date. It can also access the user’s gmail data if the user decides to use the Gmail Buttons functionality
  • Uses: AutoNotification normally only uses the user’s email address to keep track of the date the user started a trial in AutoNotification. If the user decides to use the Gmail Buttons functionality, every time the user receives a Gmail notification it’ll gather the following info from the notification and use it to look up which email it corresponds to so it can take action on it on behalf of the user:
    • user’s email address
    • email title
    • email date
    • email sender’s address.
  • Stores: AutoNotification stores the user’s email address on its server only for the purposes of tracking when the user first started its trial. No other personal info is stored anywhere.
  • Shares: AutoNotification doesn’t share any personal Google user data with any third party

Data Protection Mechanisms Regarding the Gmail API

AutoNotification firmly prioritizes the security and privacy of your data. While the app doesn’t store or transmit user data, it integrates with Google’s Android libraries to allow users to sign in and use the Gmail API. This data usage occurs only at the local level on the user’s device, and does not undergo transmission or storage elsewhere.

AutoNotification’s utilization of Google’s secure and reliable infrastructure ensures that user data accessed remains local and is handled according to Google’s stringent security protocols. For example, any access to the Gmail API is conducted securely via OAuth2 authorization protocols and scopes.

It’s essential to note that at any point you choose to stop using AutoNotification’s features that require this access, the app no longer retains any access to this data and will not continue to have access to your Gmail account.

Data Retention/Deletion Regarding the Gmail API

AutoNotification respects the privacy of your data. With regards to the Gmail API, AutoNotification operates exclusively on your device without storing any Google user data. The Gmail Buttons feature, for example, accesses your Gmail data solely on your local device to provide its functionality. This feature does not store any of your email information on a server.

Upon the user deciding to cease using the Gmail Buttons feature or the AutoNotification app in its entirety, all Gmail data access granted to AutoNotification is instantly relinquished. There is no data retention involved as AutoNotification does not store any data accessed through the Gmail API.