Privacy Policy

If you sign in to start a trial, your email address will be sent to a server so that the date of the trial can be checked.

If you use the Tasker actions AutoMail will access your email account but not store any location locally. It’ll only do what you tell it to do. AutoMail will not access your email in any way other than via your explicitly configured Tasker actions.

So, all of the authorization scopes below are needed to give the user full access to the API from the AutoMail app.

To clarify, AutoMail will not store any user email data except the user’s email address when the user starts a trial. All of the above scopes are used just to access the API but none of the data is stored locally or on a server.

AutoMail will access your emails for you, do the action you want it to do as configured in Tasker and nothing else. Data is not stored or shared with any third party.