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AutoCast is a Tasker plugin that gives you full control over your Chromecast. If you want to know what a Chromecast is, check it out here

 How to get started:

Step 1- Get a Chromecast device :)

If you get it from this link you’ll be helping me out too! It’s a definitely a win-win situation! :D If you can, please refer people to this link if they are interested in buying  a Chromecast. Thanks in advance!

Step 2 – Watch the feature video so you can learn all about what AutoCast can do

Step 3 – Watch the tutorials so you can learn how to use AutoCast (more will be coming out in the next days/weeks, so please be patient if something you want isn’t covered. :) Also, if you have trouble with something, ask in the G+ community linked below)

Important note about this video: On the second part of the tutorial, when I set up a profile with an AutoShare condition and share a video from the Gallery app, I’m using the “AutoShare Command” share menu option, and not the “AutoShare” option. Sorry for not mentioning it in the video!