AutoTools Text

Manipulate text in lots of useful ways


Use AutoTools Text Best Matches to improve voice recognition
Toggle a widget between 2 icons with AutoTools Text Toggling
Setting multiple variables and arrays quickly
Passing many values between tasks - Lazy Edition
Create toggle-able tiles with AutoNotification Buttons
Set Muzei Wallpapers from Subreddit feed

Number Formatting

Can format a number with the given format
For example, if you want to format the number 10000000 so that it outputs 10 000 000 you should use the #,### format with a space as the Grouping Separator
These are some characters you can use for formatting:

Best Match

Will try to find the best match out of the options you give it. For example, if you set
The %atbestmatches() variable will contain 2 values: daughter,son because laughter (which is the first input text) best matches daughter and sun (which is the second input text) best matches son.
This can be useful for voice recognition where you expect one of several pre-defined answers and the voice recognizer not always recognizes the right words. This way you can make sure that one of the words you want will be chose.
This uses the Monge Elken algorithm to find similarities between pieces of text.
Check a tutorial for this here.


This basically saves you 5 Actions. Previously you'd have to do:
  1. If %switch ~ on
  2. Set %switch = off
  3. Else If %switch ~ off
  4. Set %switch = on
  5. End If
With the AutoTools Toggle just set the Text input to %switch and the Toggle field to on=:=off and %attextresult() will contain the correctly toggled value
Check out a tutorial for this here.